Nepal Epapers

Nepal newspapers, according to government figures, in 2003 Nepal had 3,741 registered newspapers, of which 251 were published daily. Government-owned Gorkhapatra (Gorkha Journal) had the highest daily circulation at around 75,000. Most registered newspapers were published either weekly (1,304) or monthly (1,122). Most vernacular news media are regarded as having little credibility as a result of affiliations with political parties. All newspapers are privately owned. They were historically linked to pillars, with some labour unions or political parties. These ties have all been severed now. Two companies play a large role: PCM Uitgevers which owns several newspapers and De Telegraaf which owns De Telegraaf (the largest paper) and the Sp!ts, a free newspaper. The most important papers are the conservative liberal De Telegraaf and the progressive liberal NRC Handelsblad.